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We have an electronic solution for you. Whether it's EDI, WEB based ordering, Ariba, or a custom solution, Wabash Electric can help drive efficiency throughout the order process.


Does your company do EDI transactions? Did you know Wabash Electric can handle your orders with automated receipt and billing? We support many EDI transactions daily welcoming the opportunity to automate and simplify your order processing.


The Wabash Electric web store is more than a place to enter an order. Get your pricing for bids and PO requests, request quotes, review order history, gather product information, and even utilize product groups for repetitively ordered products. We're putting the information you want at your fingertips.


The Ariba Network - a cloud-based community where you collaborate digitally with your suppliers. Every two minutes, a business joins the Ariba Network. If your one of them, Wabash Electric is connected and ready to support your electrical needs.

Custom Solutions

Wabash Electric can custom tailor a solution for you based on your needs and capabilities. This can include crib management, electronic purchase orders and electronic billing. Talk to your Wabash Electric representative today to see how we can help.