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Rockwell Online Webinars

Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes, Increase Productivity

Webinars- We offer free webinars across various industries and applications. Our webinars are designed to help you learn to streamline your manufacturing process, increase productivity and more. Available both live and on-demand. To learn more about these webinars, click here.

Training Services

As the world?s largest automation and craft skills training provider, Rockwell Automation offers a complete training portfolio that includes industrial leadership and Internet of Things courses. We are not just a catalog of classes, but a holistic approach to workforce development. We believe that with a clear workforce development strategy in place and following our training development model, your business can solve the challenges of productivity demands and globalization as well as return on your training investment.

Rockwell Automation Training Services provides high-quality training in all of our instructor-led, computer-based, and tailored courses. We can help you bring the pieces of workforce training together into a comprehensive training solution. Our team of instructors located around the world enables us to deliver courses globally in a variety of languages.

Businesses often see employee talent as a cost rather than an investment, we?re changing that perception. With dedicated training plans, such as our certificate programs, individuals and companies can not only realize the benefits of greater productivity, but be able to measure success by our return on your investment.


Training Classes Held at Wabash Electric or Your Facilities

Please contact your account manager or someone from our Automation Division if you are interested in scheduling a custom class tailored for your company at your facility or ours.  Current class offerings can be found on our Events page.

Open Enrollment Classes

Studio 5000 Logix Designer Classes Guaranteed To Run  ? These popular RSLogix5000 classes are guaranteed to run regardless of attendee commitments.

Top 10 Classes  ? These represent the top ten most attended classes ranging from PLC programming, PLC maintenance & troubleshooting, to HMI programming.

Open Enrollment ? There are over 250 classes designed to align with specific job functions and focus on relevant job tasks. These classes are open to all students and conducted at Rockwell Automation and partner locations.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classrooms  ? These are live, instructor-led courses designed using web-delivered, interactive training through WebEx technology to provide customers with all the benefits of classroom instruction, straight from your desktop.

Courses can include various learning activities and features:

  • Polls/surveys
  • Group and private chat
  • White board
  • Desktop sharing
  • Passing control to students
  • Break out rooms for small group discussion
  • Check knowledge through testing


Saving Time and Money with Computer-Based Training

Computer-Based Courses  ? These courses are hands-on training with real world examples is the key to learning and retention. Self-paced, self-directed, computer-based training courses will help you acquire and retain new skills at an accelerated rate, giving you more time on the plant floor and less time in the classroom. Rockwell Automation?s computer-based training courses provide engaging, interactive features that enhance your learning experience:

  • Interactive and integrated exercises
  • Animated and descriptive technical explanations
  • Interactive software simulations
  • Knowledge post-tests
  • Online help