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Lighting Solutions

Wabash Electric has trained knowledgeable staff ready to support all your lighting needs. Lighting is critical for comfort, productivity, and security. Lighting represents a large portion of a facilities electrical spend. Whether it's Industrial or Commercial, auditing the existing lighting, designing new lighting systems, or recommending the right lamp for an upgrade, our staff can provide you the most efficient solution.

Lithonia LED High Bay Lighting

The I-BEAM IBL LED luminaire represents the best of our LED technologies and our most popular high bay product. The result is a high-performance, quality, configurable LED luminaire that is an ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional high bay systems such as HID and fluorescent. Applications include warehousing, light manufacturing, and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights up to 60' and ambient temperatures up to 131?F (55?C).

Lithonia LED Troffers

The RTL combines digital LED lighting and controls technologies with patented high performance optical design to offer the most advanced luminaire for general ambient lighting applications. High efficiency light engine delivers long life and excellent color, ensuring a superior quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable. 

Lithonia LED Exits & Emergency Lighting

Combination emergency lighting unit and exit. Suitable for illuminating the path of egress and for marking the means of egress in accordance with Life Safety Code NFPA 101. Constructed of injection-molded, flame-retardant, high-impact, thermoplastic housing with snap-fit design components for easy installation. Universal chevrons are easily removed for directional indication. Fully assembled single face with extra faceplate for easy field-conversion to double face. Track and swivel arrangement permits full range of lamp adjustment.

Philips LED Lamps

Philips 12W InstantFit 4 ft. linear LED T8 bulb provides light similar to daylight. An energy savings alternative to a 32W fluorescent, it has no mercury, and can last up to 50,000 hours.

Philips Fluorescent Lamps

Philips Linear Fluorescent bulbs offer long life and energy savings in an environmentally responsible light bulb. They come in Soft and Cool white, Natural light and Daylight Deluxe colors to help create the mood you desire in the room.

Philips HID Lamps

Philips HID Metal Halide lamps have many models for indoor and outdoor applications. Philips High Intensity Discharge light bulbs offer unbeatable light quality and consistent performance. 

Satco LED HID Lamps

Satco LED HID replacement lamps are available in extended mogul base, 100-277V, and feature high lumen Omni-directional LED for Industrial and Commercial applications. They are for direct wire, bypass the ballast, and are UL approved for totally enclosed fixtures.

Satco LED Flood Lamps

Satco LED Flood lamps come in different color temperatures with dimmable options. The long life and low wattage make them ideal for replacing existing incandescent flood lamps or new installation.

Satco LED A Lamps

Satco LED A lamps come in different color temperatures with dimmable options. The long life and low wattage make them ideal for replacing existing incandescent lamps.

Lutron Grafik Eye Lighting Controls

Adapt lighting to the variety of functions required for a productive meeting. Illuminate the conference table to take notes or dim lights for an A/V presentation. During an A/V presentation, lights can be automatically lowered and blackout shades closed to eliminate any trace of daylight.

Lutron Single Circuit Control

Lutron gives you the freedom to personalize the light in any space. Our single room solutions allow you to effortlessly adjust your lighting for different tasks - and our switches, wall plates, phone and cable jacks come in a variety of colors to match your home d?cor.