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Lighting Solutions

Wabash Electric has trained knowledgeable staff ready to support all your lighting needs. Lighting is critical for comfort, productivity and security. Lighting represents a large portion of a facilities electrical spend. Whether it?s Industrial or Commercial, auditing the existing lighting, designing new lighting systems, or recommending the right lamp for an upgrade, our staff can provide you the most efficient solution.

LED Technology

LED technology is ever-changing. Whether it?s industrial lighting applications, replacing 4ft tubes, or new construction, Wabash Electric Lighting Specialists are here to help match the right product with the right applications maximizing your energy usage while minimizing your cost.

Go Green

Does your company have a mandate to go green or a go green initiative? Does it include energy efficiencies? Wabash Electric can help. Lighting technology is rapidly changing. Let our skilled staff of Lighting Specialists update you on current technologies and minimize your energy consumption while providing an outstanding lighting solution.

Utility Rebates

So you want to upgrade your lighting. Many utility companies offer rebates back to the user for installation of energy efficient lighting solutions. Each utility company has its own program and they change regularly. Consult your Wabash Electric Lighting Specialist to help determine what opportunities may be available to you.


With ever-changing lighting technologies, retrofitting existing lighting is an ongoing process. Whether you?re replacing light bulbs, improving lighting levels, or generating energy savings, our Lighting Specialists are here to help.

New Construction / Design ? Build

Are you building or remodeling? Don?t forget the importance of the right lighting. Lighting can improve morale, improve performance, and enhance a customer experience. Call us to help do the lighting layout and design of your space insuring you have the current technology, best efficiencies, and achieve your objectives.

Lighting Controls

So you?re upgrading your lighting or working with existing lighting but is it working for you. Did you know lighting controls today are not what they use to be? Did you know you can control lighting with your computer, IPAD, or smart phone? Are your lights on when the space isn?t being utilized? Do the light levels always match your needs? Do you need to control only a part of your lights? Contact our Lighting Specialists to optimize your lighting needs.

Lighting Services

Wabash Electric is here to help. We can audit your existing system, design lighting for new or existing space, guide you through the utility rebate process and help you understand the cost / payback solution for your project. Contact our experts today.

Residential Lighting

Wabash Electric and Wabash Lighting can meet all your needs. Whether it?s a new multi-unit construction, new home, or replacing a single fixture we have the products and services to meet your needs. Contact our lighting and design specialist today.