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Engineered Solutions

Discrete Automation Solutions

Discrete Automation Solutions provide a common control platform to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and improve ease-of-use across your plant floor.

Leveraging the Integrated Architecture platform, our solutions offer multidiscipline control and information integration. These scalable solutions, tailored to your specific needs, allow us to solve your immediate needs today while providing a foundation for future solutions.

Whether you're looking to improve quality, or reduce cycle time, costs or time to market, our team has expertise in simple, complex, repetitive and engineer to order manufacturing environments.

Drive Systems

Maximize Machine Availability and Minimize Project Risk

Installing new, or upgrading current, production equipment can be risky business. You have a window of opportunity to get your project done, and you need a flexible drive systems supplier with the knowledge and capabilities to deliver on functional specifications - on time.

Our industry expertise means we understand your applications. Through bridge solutions and phased upgrades we can deploy a migration path that allows you to take advantage of new technology immediately - within your schedule and budget.

With a scalable scope of supply - from packaged drives to turnkey electrical solutions - you get quick response to maximize your production and minimize your risk. Take advantage of local drive solution centers with experienced engineers who understand local codes, standards, and application requirements to help you get to market faster than ever before.

Information Solutions

Information Solutions turn shop floor data into valuable insight. Using the right technology for your application can help you gather, filter and format data to create manufacturing intelligence.

We pair automation control and information with industry-specific software applications to offer the first practical, cost-effective solution to your manufacturing information needs: real-time production tracking, visibility and control across lines and plants - regardless of location.

Migration Solutions

Representing a major capital investment, automation components, software, and systems are instrumental to the success of any manufacturing company. But no technology, regardless of how innovative, can last forever.

To address product maturity without negatively impacting productivity, you need to rely on forward-looking suppliers who can help you prepare for the demands of tomorrow without compromising your ability to meet the requirements of today.

Rockwell Automation's commitment to helping you protect your investment and strategically migrate your installed base makes our products a sound investment today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Why Migrate?

Demanding market conditions pose significant challenges. Across the enterprise and throughout the lifecycle, you must continuously strive for ways to leverage your existing automation investment. At the forefront are:

  • Improving Productivity with better asset utilization and system performance
  • Promoting Globalization with easy access to actionable, plant-wide information
  • Supporting Sustainability with extended product lifecycles and better asset utilization
  • Cultivating Innovation with increased system flexibility and technical risk mitigation

Let Rockwell Automation help you determine your migration options and show you the benefits, including better performance, more informed business decisions, reduced maintenance costs, and quicker response to changing market demands.

Process Solutions

PlantPAx: The Modern Distributed Control System

A traditional distributed control system (DCS) is built for only one purpose - process control.

But in today's competitive economy, you need to consider forward-thinking possibilities and utilize technology and innovation to your advantage. It's time to rethink what to expect from a DCS. In order to drive productivity, increase efficiencies and reduce costs you need to integrate all of your automation operations to achieve The Connected Enterprise. And the only way to do that is through the technology offered by a modern DCS - the PlantPAx system.

The PlantPAx distributed control system offers:

  • Plant-wide control and optimization for better business decisions
  • Scalable and modular system architectures to meet your exact needs
  • Open, secure and information-enabled networking capabilities
  • Flexible delivery and support options

The PlantPAx system helps you make better, faster decisions. It enables you to respond more quickly to customers' demands and fast-changing specifications. It's time to rethink what a modern distributed control system can do for you.

Motion Solutions

Rockwell Automation understands machine builder challenges and delivers high performance motion control solutions to meet those goals. Whether you're looking to further innovate your machine, or to drive efficiency in your design, Rockwell Automation offers integrated motion solutions with our easy-to-use, highly efficient motion offering. This includes a variety of motion products, software and a modular iTRAK system.

Safety Solutions

Applying the Correct Safety Solution

Integrated safety with automation can offer productivity enhancing benefits in many stages of manufacturing process from equipment design and testing, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance and modification or decommissioning. All stages may be optimized through the correctly applied safety solutions.

As the world leader in industrial automation and safety and as a technology innovator, we're ideally placed to support you in developing more efficient, safer and more productive manufacturing solutions.

Sustainable Production

Make Your Operations Cleaner, Safer, More Energy Efficient and More Competitive

Rockwell Automation offers a comprehensive approach to meeting your sustainability objectives in all facets of your production. Our approach is specifically designed to help you turn sustainability challenges into business advantages.

Rockwell Automation can help you in your role of enabling sustainable production. It is our business to help our customers by providing solutions for your energy, environmental, workplace safety and product integrity challenges.

Make the most of economic challenges - Advanced automation solutions from Rockwell Automation can help you save money in energy, raw materials and scrap/waste - which can free up resources to be used elsewhere.

Enhance Your Sustainability

Rockwell Automation solutions for sustainable production address three major corporate sustainability objectives through automation:

Your Automation Can Do It All

Rockwell Automation can empower your production to help meet these objectives while better managing risk and reducing cost. You'll improve productivity and strengthen your competitive advantage. Most of all, you'll realize your lean objectives along with your green objectives.