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Drives & Motors

Rockwell PowerFlex AC and DC Drives are designed for flexibility, productivity, and ease of use. Rockwell motor control solutions handle both low voltage and medium voltage applications, with a wide range of power ratings. With a broad selection of hardware, software, safety, and packaging options, there is a PowerFlex Drive to meet the demands of most applications.

Low Voltage AC Drives

Rockwell Automation's PowerFlex family of AC drives offer a broad range of control modes, features, options, and packaging, as well as global voltages and many power ratings.

Medium Voltage AC Drives

Rockwell Automation's PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage Drives enable soft-starting and variable-speed control of processes with high-power demands.  They help reduce energy costs, component count, maintenance, and motor wear.

Drives DC

Rockwell offers a large variety of different I/O card options for Micro 800, Micrologix, SLC, CompactLogix, and ControlLogix platforms. PowerFlex drives are motor control solutions that efficiently handle applications from low to medium voltage and from simple to highly demanding. These drives feature hardware, software, and safety options. We also have industrial motors from optimum variable speed performance and service life.

Servo Motors

Rockwell Automation's Servo Motors include a broad portfolio of Rotary Motors and Linear Motors. Their rotary motors comprise several series including the VP Low-Inertia motors, the MP-Series of stainless steel, food grade, medium-inertia options, and the HPK-Series High-Power motors. Their linear motors include the LDC-Series and LDL-Series with no-wear.

Servo Drives

Rockwell Automation's servo drive portfolio includes a wide variety of products that offer the right size and feature set to handle a broad range of applications.

Safety Drives & Motors

Safety options can help reduce machine downtime and increase productivity. To help protect your personnel and equipment, a variety of PowerFlex drives are available with safety features. 

Marathon Motors

General Purpose, Three Phase Globetrotter NEMA Premium Efficiency motors have cast iron frame and brackets. They're Inverter Duty 10:1 Variable Torque and 10:1 Constant Torque, and a 1.0 SF. With 1.15 Service Factor and Class F Insulation, they're UL recognized, CSA Certified, and CE Mark with a three-year warranty.

Lutze VFD Cables

Shielded multi-conductor cable for Motor applications to connect power from drives to motors. The cable is designed for harsh industrial environments and operating conditions with high noise levels and is compliant with NFPA 79 for machine tool writing.

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