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The Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) is connecting the physical and virtual worlds. It has brought people, processes, and equipment together, from sensors and smart devices to entire systems.

Rockwell OEM Solutions

Smart manufacturing is driving new opportunities for end users as they look to optimize their production and supply chain by bringing together islands of information. As end users pursue smart manufacturing, they need original equipment manufacturing partners who create intelligent manufacturing equipment that easily integrates into a facility, provides access to information, and enables agile reaction to changing market demands. 

Rockwell Industry Solutions

Industry continues to evolve at an incredible pace. However, your goal essentially remains the same: operate more efficiently and get products to market faster. We can help you achieve your goal.  With our products and services, you can implement business process improvements, increase manufacturing flexibility, increase access to real-time production information and improve supply chain integration across your enterprise. We have industry specific solutions for you.

Rockwell Information Solutions

Information Solutions turn shop floor data into valuable insight. Using the right technology  for your application can help you gather, filter, and format data to create manufacturing intelligence. We pair automation control and information with industry-specific software applications to offer the first practical, cost-effective solution to your manufacturing information needs: real-time production tracking, visibility, and control across lines and plants - regardless of location.

Rockwell Integrated Architecture

The Connected Enterprise is reshaping industrial automation. Manufacturing automation alone is only part of the story. Manufacturing intelligence takes it further. Real-time data makes for better - and better-informed - business solutions. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), Integrated Architecture and Intelligence assets. The Connected Enterprise enables seamless integration, keeping manufacturing and industrial operations alike and able to satisfy increasing demand. Supported by Rockwell Automation solutions and services, The Connected Enterprise is a more profitable, more competitive enterprise. 

Rockwell Network Technology

EtherNet/IP™ is the world's leading open industrial EtherNet network capable of handling the widest range of applications, including discrete safety, motion, process, and drive control. EtherNet/IP delivers interoperable EtherNet products from more than 300 vendors, including Cisco, Schneider Electric, Omron, Bosch Rexroth, and Rockwell Automation, providing more than 1000 product lines and several million installed devices on EtherNet/IP.

Rockwell Industrial Security

You have assets to protect. Control Systems, networks, and software can all help defend against security threats and risks. It's time to manage potential security threats and build a more secure industrial control system that meets your needs. Securing industrial assets requires a comprehensive security model based on a well-defined set of security policies. Rockwell Automation can help you construct secure industrial network designs and solutions with the implementation of secure switches, firewalls, routers, and much more.

Rockwell Security Services

The Network Services  & Security Services team collaborates with you to help manage the differences between manufacturing and IT enterprises and their associated risks. This can be done not only through technology, but policies, procedures and behavior - allowing you to achieve your production and business goals.

Rockwell/Cisco Systems Alliance

Today's manufacturing companies must become more responsive to changing market and operational conditions without sacrificing efficiency. This has created urgency for manufacturers to converge and connect the multitude of isolated production systems and processes throughout their entire value chain. To do that, they need seamless, secure connectivity across the enterprise. 

Rockwell Automation and Cisco are committed to being the most valuable resource in the industry for helping manufacturers improve business performance by bridging the technical and cultural gaps between plant-floor and higher-level information systems. Through collaboration on products, services and educational resources, we help manufacturers and machine builders converge and simplify their network architecture and tightly integrate technical and business systems using Ethernet/IP - the world's leading open industrial Ethernet network. 

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