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Fluke FLU1502A156


  • Mfg. Name: Fluke
  • Brand Name: Fluke®
  • MPN: 1502A-156
  • WEPN: FLU1502A156
  • Min. Ord. Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1
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1502A Thermometer Readout, Accuracy: 0.006 DEG C at 0 DEG C, Display: 8-Digit, 7-Segment, Yellow-Green LED 0.5 IN High Characters, Temperature Range: -200 To 962 DEG C, Power: 115 VAC 50/60 HZ, 10 WTT, Nominal, 1 AMP Maximum, Safety Rating: Overvoltage (Installation) Category II, Pollution Degree 2 Per IEC 1010-1, Probe: Nominal RTPW: 10 to 100 WTT, RTD, PRT Or SPRT, Probe Connection: 4-Wire With Shield, 5-Pin DIN Connector, Communications: RS-232, Dimensions: 61 MM Height X 143 MM Width X 181 MM Length, C/US Listed, CSA Certified

Accuracy      :      0.006 DEG C at 0 DEG C
Temperature Range      :      -200 to 962 C
Special Features      :      The 1502A accurately measures the resistance of the probe and then converts the resistance to a temperature value using its built-in algorithms; Each Tweener is programmable to match a probes constants for maximum linearity and accuracy; All probe constants and coefficients are programmed through simple, front-panel keystrokes; Temperature is displayed in DEG C, DEG F, K, or resistance in OHM, Pressure: 75 - 106 KPA; Mains voltage within plus/minus 10 PCT of nominal; Altitude less than 2000 MR; 230 VAC Plus/Minus 10 PCT, 50/60 HZ, 10 WTT, 1 AMP, nominal (Optional); Detachable power cord
Brand Name      :      Fluke
Standard      :      C/US Listed, CSA Certified
Safety Rating      :      Overvoltage (Installation) Category II, Pollution Degree 2 Per IEC 1010-1
Display      :      8-Digit, 7-Segment, Yellow-Green LED; 0.5 IN High Characters
Power      :      10 W
Type      :      Thermometer Readout